With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the timber industry we are able to offer the wide range of services displayed here. By building on our strengths and maintaining the high quality of our products we are confident that Norton Timber will be able to help to make your dreams a reality, demonstrating passion for what we do at every stage. We listen carefully to our clients wishes and then use our knowledge, expertise and 3D CAD to design the bespoke frame. With lazer levelled concrete floor, equipped with high quality tools and two gantry frames our workshop enables quick, safe and precise carpentry. Over the years our friendly, family run, team have met the needs of many satisfied customers. With a lifetime of experience across the entire timber industry we offer an unparalleled depth of knowledge to our clients. Providing an insight into the design process and what goes on inside the workshop where our frames are created, this video provides an introduction to our company. See how we apply our skills with traditional construction techniques across a range of building types; from wedding venues to complete home builds and home extensions of the highest quality. Terry started work in the forestry industry around Kent, at the age of 15, with his father which enabled him to amass a great knowledge and understanding of timber and the associated machinery.

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England and Wales have a fine inheritance of vernacular timber architecture. The majority of timber framed buildings were not originally prestigious but they have become more precious as they have become rarer. Framed structures are easy to put up and therefore easy to remove. It is the process of alteration and rebuilding, in response to changing need and fashion, rather than the false but generally held perception that timber is a relatively short lived material that is responsible for the diminished stock of historic timber buildings in England and Wales.

For thousands of years indigenous timber species provided the main source of structural material for building.

2 common oak frame building mistakes and how to avoid them. is up-to-date with all the modern materials and building techniques as well as.

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Some people like to apply oak oil boiled linseed oil on their oak beams to slow up the drying process, but this is purely a matter of personal choice. Softwoods supplied by us are pressure treated against both rot and infestation. We advise that you obtain written clearance or planning permission from your local planning authority at the earliest stage of your project, and we can do that for you.

While many of our buildings meet the planning requirements for development without permission, experience shows that permission is often required because of unique site circumstances such as being in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in a conservation area, or alongside a listed building. Many oak framed buildings have lasted for hundreds of years, every bit as well as others of the same age built in stone or brick.

We expect that one of our oak framed buildings, on a proper foundation, will last for many centuries with reasonable maintenance — oak itself requires little or no maintenance.

Our team is working to supply your Bespoke Oak Frame & Oak Roof Trusses. We can design and make Oak and Douglas Fir structural frames for buildings from a with our up-to-date Health and Safety and Safe System Of Work Measures.

This method is found predominantly in bourgeoisie town houses. It is characterised by various types of infill between the timber sections, the use of jetty structures and is built over several floors. Two types of infill may be found here: wattle and daub sticks and mud and fired bricks. There are also hidden timbers, over-rendered with earth, plaster, lime etc. In fact, in France, many older buildings are, unexpectedly, made of wood, even in Paris.

The foundations of these houses are usually built in stone and play an important part, both to support the weight of the structure as well as protecting the timber from rising moisture. The ways that the connections between plinth and timber frame are made, is of great importance for the longevity of a timber building.

Rouen, France

This is why we are here, if you have little or no building knowledge you are still able to have a hand in the design and production of your new home. As an alternative to buying a ready-made and designed home from a developer you have created a bespoke home to meet your precise needs and preferences. Mortgage lenders make no distinction between Timber Frame or brick and block. The life expectancy is the same as brick and block and timber frame buildings are described as permanent structures.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the timber industry Norton Timber are able to offer the wide range of services displayed here. By building.

Oak framed buildings exude character and strength. We pride ourselves using a combination of modern and ancient carpentry skills to create beautiful buildings across Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Sussex and Kent. Unseasoned green oak provides an excellent building material.

Love of wood is not the only reason so many oak buildings still exist in the UK. Oak construction techniques have been refined over centuries and these buildings have become increasingly robust. One key to longevity is nature itself. As the wood dries out and contracts, it makes oak joints even stronger. Our green oak garages range from single storey car ports to substantial two storey oak framed buildings which can include a games room, gym or store.

We can provide a bespoke design for your garage or fit in with your preferred contractor to provide all the wood required for the build. An oak framed extension is a simple yet highly effective way of augmenting your living space. It has the ability to change a uniform and mundane house into something quite exceptional, or it can blend seamlessly into an existing beautiful building as if it were part of the original construction.

Paired with modern glass technology that allows large areas of glazing and up to date insulated options for wall infills, you can create a space that remains cool in summer and warm in winter. There are so many options to compliment your home, from the choice of structure, roof, walls, floors, doors and windows.

2 common oak frame building mistakes and how to avoid them.

Tracing the history of a house can be a fascinating experience, but it can also be a frustrating one. Sometimes there will be many records surviving for the building you are studying, sometimes none at all, and the likelihood of finding relevant material decreases the further back you go in time. You may also be surprised at how time-consuming the research can be. This guide provides advice on how to get started and lists resources which you may find useful. Chaucer House is a 15th or 16th century timber framed and jettied house in Bawdeswell.

Orders and Cutting Dates. Swift Oak Limited do not hold any buildings or frames for stock, all are made to order and bespoke. Orders must be made in writing via​.

Cheshire Oak Structures specialise in the design, supply and construction of quality Oak frame buildings. We are one of the few companies who offer the full service package and manage the process from start to finish. Customers who aspire to enhance their property and improve their lifestyle, with an Oak Frame structure, choose the bespoke and expert services that are characteristic of Cheshire Oak Structures.

Buildings can range from standard Oak garages to bespoke multi-bay garages, offices, workshops, stables, cookhouses, gazebos, summerhouses, home gyms, pool rooms, these are just a few examples of the flexibility of our design and construction capabilities. The business was set up in by Dean Horsley and his now retired business partner, Paul Daley, as a result of the very positive feedback from friends, family, and trade professionals following the construction of an Oak Frame Garage with veranda at home.

We provide a friendly, hands on service to manage your project from design to completion. We pride ourselves on having a reputation of delivering a high quality service, where our craftsmen use traditional skills and a high level of attention to detail to build a beautifully crafted Oak building to enhance and add value to your property. Although we have often undertaken projects further afield where we work with the client to agree a schedule of works that ensures the process is cost effective.

Having spoken to a number of leading timber framed supply companies, we choose Cheshire Oak Structures because we felt Paul and Dean would give us a more personal service by being involved themselves throughout the process.

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Should you decide to proceed with a quote we have offered for an oak frame, these are the steps that follow to complete your project. Upon receipt of your deposit, the CAD team will prepare and issue your approval drawings based upon information gathered during the consultation phase. Any required amendments are then made until your final sign off is granted. Whilst we are more than happy to assist, the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the project meets planning and building regulations lies with you.

Many of our frames meet planning exemption criteria and may be classed as permitted development; often a quick phone call to the local authority will suffice.

English Heritage Buildings provide a completley bespoke oak framed garage, design this year’s winners and are looking forward to the next submission date.

Detached period traditional timber-framed house dating from with detached modern timber frame annex. Building Survey What was the client looking for? The client was considering buying this property and wanted a detailed survey. It is a challenge with old timber-framed properties to establish how the original fabric and structure has been changed and added to over the life of the building. Much of the original oak timber frame was still present but the house had been extensively altered over the last few hundred years.

The challenge for the surveyor is to assess all this and to consider the implications for the various materials and elements. Timber oak-framed buildings are framed structures. They rely on the vertical and horizontal elements to be connected. If they are cut for alterations such as new windows or extensions then the strength of the frame can be lost and the outside walls can begin to bulge out. That had been a problem in the past with this property but iron straps had been fitted to strengthen the frame and these were preventing further movement.

It is usual for buildings this old to have sloping floors plus leaning and bulging walls. Oak timber frames are highly durable but are prone to deterioration in damp situations. It is important to check for dampness and the presence of woodworm.

Medieval timber framing

Oak-framed projects stand the test of time. The longevity of the mighty oak trees that grow for centuries is echoed in Oak-Framed Buildings – they are here to stay and so are these oak-framed buildings! Newly updated, this classic title is ideal for carpenters, builders, aspiring DIYers, and anyone who appreciates beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly structures. Revised and fully up-to-date.

Oak-Framed Buildings has been substantially revised to bring the book completely up-to-date and in compliance with current building technology. It combines traditional building techniques with modern materials and installation methds, resulting in solid buildings with a high standard of energy efficiency.

The majority of timber framed buildings were not originally prestigious but they have become more precious as they have become rarer. Framed structures are.

The number, position and arrangement of timbers provides the evidence for the analysis and dating of timber framed buildings based on stylistic evidence. We will use the Museum exhibit buildings from the South East of England to look at features dating from the late s to the s. A wonderful opportunity to observe and be guided around so many varieties of timber-framed buildings all within easy walking distance of each other.

He teaches a range of historic carpentry courses at the Museum. The course will be limited to 12 participants, and is suitable for all. No special clothing or equipment is required, but please bring outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear. Please let the Museum know in advance special dietary requirements. Please read our terms and conditions before booking. A few things have changed since we were last open , so please read the below and visit our reopening page for further information about what to expect on your visit and how to book tickets, as entry is via pre-booked tickets only.

Our goal is to provide you with a quality visitor experience and respond to existing and any new Government guidance. To ensure that social distancing restrictions can be maintained, we do have a new admissions procedure that applies to all visitors, including Members.

Little Holmbush: Building Survey of a Timber Framed House

For over 30 years, we have been consistently redefining what it means to build with timber. Our confidence lies in our experience and unmatched creativity in designing and crafting purposeful and beautiful buildings. Read more Welcome to Carpenter Oak, designers and makers of oak framed buildings. Together we create stunning places to live and work. Our dedicated and professional team of Project Managers, Frame designers and Carpenters are as passionate about your creation as you are.

We work closely with you and a range of industry-leading specialists to deliver a wide variety of bespoke projects across the UK, Europe and beyond.

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