Often our MOT and services can creep up on us just at the wrong time — when bills are due, the rest of your summer holiday needs paying off or even when your annual car insurance also needs renewing. Perhaps you want to balance out the outgoings and get ahead of the game this year? Start by booking in your MOT early. But exactly how soon can you MOT a car? An MOT on any vehicle lasts for one year. This means you have exactly one year from your last test until your next one is due. However, there is the option to MOT your car early:. You can MOT your car up to a month minus a day before it runs out. Although you have renewed early, your renewal date will still stay the same on your certificate for next year. However, you can renew your car even earlier if required — if you renew your MOT up to more than one calendar month before, the test will then be valid until 12 months from the new test date.

How to check your car’s MOT status and what to do when it runs out

The exception lies with new cars that do not need an MOT for the first three years. It is up to the driver to remember and book the MOT, as unlike tax, no reminder is sent and this is where problems can occur. Unless you make a diary note a year in advance, it is easy to let the date pass. Driving on public roads without a current MOT certificate is against the law and if you are stopped by the police, you may be fined, receive points or have your vehicle removed.

The exception is if you have a pre-booked MOT and you are driving to that appointment.

Any MOT certificate issued after the original date of expiry will only be valid until that date the following year. Stuart James, chief executive of the Independent.

We’re sorry about this but the good news is that you can now order a brand new vehicle all online! And if you do need to talk to us, we’ve extended our opening hours to 9pm every day! Published on Wednesday 25 March in Van News. We’ll answer this along with what things you need to do to keep your vehicle safe to drive. So, let’s take a look at both cases. You won’t need to do anything except keep your vehicle safe to drive.

It will not be updated straight away, so keep checking back because you will not get sent a paper exemption certificate by post. If you need to update your vehicle tax, you will be able to tax your vehicle as soon as your vehicle’s MOT due date has been updated to reflect the 6-month exemption. Shopping for basic necessities – such as food or medicine – as infrequently as possible. If you take your car for an MOT in late July and it fails, you’ll have to stop using it until its fixed.

Taking the vehicle for an MOT within your extension will mean the extension will no longer apply. The guidance here is that your vehicle must be safe to drive, because even if your MOT expiry date has been extended, it’s possible your vehicle might be unsafe to drive. So, if there is anything wrong with your vehicle, take it to get repaired at the nearest open garage because the Government has allowed them to stay open.

MOT test pass certificate: samples

This will allow vehicle owners to continue to be able to get to work where this absolutely cannot be done from home or do essential shopping. Vehicles must be kept in a roadworthy condition and drivers can be prosecuted if they drive an unsafe vehicle. You must stay at home self-isolate if either of these situations apply – do not take your vehicle for its MOT. Your MOT certificate will be extended by 6 months if it was due to expire on or after 30 March and your vehicle is a:.

Dates are set by the MOT computer, so we can’t fail to apply the right date – and we driving a failed vehicle can be found at ​after-the-test. Yes, we can – but without printing you a duplicate certificate (​which costs £5), we can First, Last. Mon–Fri, am, pm. Sat, am, am.

Just enter the car reg into the box below and you will find out all the information below. The last thing you want is for it to fail, especially if the failure could have been avoided by a few simple pre-MOT checks. By law, vehicles that are over three years old have to undergo an annual MOT Ministry of Transport test.

The purpose of the test is to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy. Importantly, if the vehicle fails, it will have to undergo the necessary repairs to bring it up to the required standards. The test also must be arranged and carried out at an authorised testing centre. Unfortunately, the consequences of driving a car without a valid MOT have become much harsher over the past few years. For example, if the car was first registered on 1 August , the first MOT is due no later than 1 August Save money by choosing our 30 days access plan.

Frequently asked questions When is my MOT due? How long is my MOT valid for? Can I drive my car if the MOT expires today? You can drive your car legally until the midnight on the day when your MOT expires. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

Mallon announces automatic one year MOT exemption

We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Samples of MOT test certificates that can be given to you when your vehicle passes the test. If you use assistive technology such as a screen reader and need a version of this document in a more accessible format, please email gov.

The date it expires is printed on your current MOT certificate. Your MOT certificate will be extended by 6 months if it expires on or after Monday 30 March This must be done within 10 working days of your vehicle failing its initial test.

Find out what an MOT test is, how to book one with the council, how much it costs, partial retests and how to request a duplicate MOT certificate. An MOT test checks that your vehicle meets the minimum road safety and environmental standards. We can perform this test for you at any of our three test centres. UK website. An MOT lasts for a calendar year. The date it expires is printed on your current MOT certificate. The earliest you can book an MOT to preserve the previous expiry date is one calendar month minus a day.

You cannot drive your vehicle on the road if the MOT has run out. You can be prosecuted if caught. We can provide MOT testing for the following types of vehicles at any of our three test centres :.

Missed your MOT Date?

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After granting drivers a six-month extension to their MOT certificates in MOT certificate until three years have passed from the date of their first.

Jump to navigation. The scheme was set to run until March but will now end this weekend. Irrespective of whether the extension applies, penalties still apply to vehicles found to be in an unsafe condition. Need to get your car ready? Read our MOT checklist. Baroness Vere, roads minister, said last month: “As people return to our roads, it is vital that motorists are able to keep their vehicles safe.

Any vulnerable or self-isolation drivers are advised to contact their local garage, as many are offering vehicle collection and drop-off services to aid social distancing. The majority of UK garages are conducting MOT tests, and drivers have been able to have their car tested voluntarily throughout the lockdown. Any MOT certificate issued after the original date of expiry will only be valid until that date the following year.

1st MOT Before Due Date

Every vehicle in the UK needs to be tested each year to ensure that it complies with roadworthiness standards. This is a legal requirement. The purpose of the M.

van or pickup truck’s MOT due date is on or after 30 March back because you will not get sent a paper exemption certificate by post.

Need to tax a car or motorbike or truck? Whether you have a car, a motorbike or even a truck, we make it easy for you to pay your vehicle tax. There are plenty of payment options available to suit you too. Just pop into your nearest participating Post Office. Fill out a V62 form, which you can pick up at your Post Office. Use our Branch Finder tool to find your nearest participating Post Office. Your insurance needs to be valid from the date your vehicle tax starts or the date your vehicle tax is issued — whichever is later.

If you are taxing a vehicle registered to a Northern Ireland address, you will need to show a valid vehicle insurance certificate or cover note. This must be valid on the date your tax first starts. Bring all your paperwork together to your local Post Office — find out which ones offer our vehicle tax service with our Branch Finder.